Now that spring is here and warmer temperatures are on the horizon, we need to turn our attention to one of the most common Spring and Summertime disasters: a broken air conditioner. Without this modern marvel you are on your own against the elements, and we all know that Mother Nature isn’t always kind. Luckily, many of the problems are either repairable or avoidable altogether with preventative maintenance from a professional HVAC company.


Since so many of our customers call us in despair asking why their AC isn’t working, we thought we’d give you some common spring AC problems that could be the cause of your woes.



Filter issues


The most common problem that homeowners have with their air conditioners is a bad filter. The filters are what keeps the inner workings of the unit safe from harmful pollens, dust, and other stuff trying to muck up the works. Since spring is the height of pollen season (just ask allergy sufferers!), now is the time to stay on top of it. When the filters are old or overburdened, then harmful particles can get into your AC and cause it to malfunction. It’s best to get professionals out immediately to repair or replace them.




A lot of our customers call us wondering why their AC is blowing hot air or not working at all, and one of the more common explanations are leaks. When there is a leak in the line somewhere, the coolant will slowly seep out. The end result is that the air just isn’t cooled down enough, and your get warm air blowing out. Do a quick visual check for leaks, and if you spot them then give us a call. Since many wall units are out of commission during the winter, we get a lot of calls about leaks in the early spring.


Sensor malfunction


Not as much of a seasonal issue as it is an internal one, sensor malfunction is also a very common problem. Air conditioners often have a thermostat sensor that measures the temperature of the air. If there is a malfunction or it is not in the correct position, then your unit will behave erratically. The only way to know is to venture in and find out.


Nobody wants to go without cool air in the upcoming season, and nobody wants to spend more money than they have to on new units. That’s why we recommend regular preventative maintenance to help avoid these issues.  If your AC isn’t working, then it is probably one of these common spring AC problems. Call the professionals at R.J. Wiley immediately so that you can keep your cool.