If your HVAC system breaks down it can be tempting to cut costs and try to fix the problem yourself. However if you lack the experience, knowledge, equipment and skills to handle the complex workings of your HVAC system then you could cause it more damage than good.

Although it’s important that you call a professional to repair your system, it’s also important that you know what to look for in a professional HVAC technician. When calling an expert, make sure to look out for a few things.


Always ask family and friends to see if they can recommend a suitable expert. Knowing that a company has a reputation for high quality work is a good sign that they are a reliable and trustworthy operation. Also be sure to find reviews from previous customers as these testimonials should give you some idea of the kind of service you can expect to receive.

Customer Service

In addition to knowing your technician is a reliable one, it’s also important that they have great customer service. The last thing you want to be doing is arguing with an expert or being treated rudely. Make sure you pick an expert with a professional demeanour and outstanding customer service skills.

Correct Licenses And Qualifications

Find out the licences and certifications your province requires for HVAC technicians and make sure the chosen company complies with these rules. Also check your chosen technician’s qualifications and insurances. Here at R. J. Wiley, we make sure all of our technicians meet industry standards and have the necessary training and certifications to get the job done.


Ask your HVAC technician about the right options for you. They should have no difficulty in explaining your problem and offering you appropriate solutions.


Your technician should be affordable. At R. J. Wiley, we offer competitive rates on all our services and you’ll never encounter hidden fees or surprise service charges.

If you’re looking for an experienced technician to help with your HVAC needs, then be sure to contact the experts here at R. J. Wiley: 1-800-361-2936.