Anyone in the HVAC industry will tell you that the best way to save money is by getting regular preventative maintenance performed by professionals. The benefits are clear: longer life, lower bills, better performance; but what isn’t always clear is what exactly companies do or why what they offer is worth it. RJ Wiley prides itself on offering affordable services carried out by experienced and well-trained technicians. Here’s what makes our preventative maintenance so valuable:

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and retrained

When we say that our HVAC experts are thoroughly trained, we don’t just mean that they know about heating and air conditioning systems. Our team members are taught how to maintain the latest equipment, how to thoroughly clean them, and how to notice difficult-to-spot issues with your system.

They are also continuously evaluated to ensure proper performance, and extra training is given when new technologies are introduced. We’ve built our service around offering great preventative HVAC maintenance in Burlington, Hamilton, and the surrounding area, and that is backed by our boots on the ground.

Our preventative HVAC maintenance is backed by years of experience

There are many companies in and around the Golden Horseshoe that offer the same services as we do, but there are few that have been in business since 1990. And there are even fewer that have the track record that we do. Our experience providing preventative maintenance in the local area helps put us a cut above in both the skill level of our people and the customer service that we offer.

The right tools for the job

We cut no corners on our services. Providing great HVAC services is about having the right tools for the job and knowing when and where to use them. We don’t waste time using out-of-date equipment and we’d never sacrifice quality for the sake of time.

What makes our preventative maintenance so valuable is our level of experience, training, and equipment. RJ Wiley is a respected name in Hamilton HVAC services – give us a call today!