Have you ever come across this homeowner’s mystery? You HVAC system appears to be working perfectly. Your home is as cool or warm as you want it, right on demand. And yet your energy bills keep creeping higher and higher. This is usually your first clue that your system might require a duct cleaning. Over time, particles in the air which circulate throughout your system begin to adhere to the walls of your ducts, and even to the fan blades or cooling coils and heat exchangers. Whether by literally blocking airflow or just causing extra friction in the works, these tiny bits of dust, pollen and pet dander can vastly decrease your system’s efficiency. To prevent extra wear and tear and keep your HVAC system at peak performance for as long as possible, R.J. Wiley recommends regularly scheduled duct cleaning. But if you are unsure whether your home has reached the critical stage, here are three signs you are definitely in need of an air duct cleaning in your home.

Visible Dust
The first check is the easiest. You don’t even need to touch the system at all. Wait for evening, or close your curtains, and shine a flashlight into the duct itself. If you see dust, you need a cleaning. The first stages of debris build up settle down on the duct floor and walls and so won’t be easily lit up by a flashlight. If you see specks floating, it indicates that there is enough dust or debris to be free in the system. These particles can then enter your home and damage your air quality. If you try this and want further proof, remove the filter: if it looks like your dryer tray after a load of laundry, it’s time to call in an expert.

If you have recently experienced a rodent or other pest problem in your home, you definitely should consider getting your HVAC air ducts cleaned. Even after the initial infestation has been dealt with, the droppings left behind (or just hair and dander from the animals themselves) could make their way into your air filtration system. Health concerns are usually a primary motivation for dealing with rodents and pests. You should make sure your home is just as safe and healthy as ever, and that you and your family are receiving the air quality you deserve.

Mold on the Outside
Throughout the summer and more humid months, fungi spores and humidity are picked up by your HVAC system. If your air conditioning unit is functioning properly, these particles will have been removed from your living spaces, allowing you to breathe easy all summer. However, if they are allowed to settle in the ducts all winter, the colder temperatures can allow mold to remain dormant and you may have a nasty surprise next spring. Mold and other allergens greatly impact air quality, and can have serious health effects on those living with asthma, or other respiratory conditions. Seniors are particularly impacted, and that is why R.J. Wiley offers a senior discount on all our duct cleaning services. You can settle into autumn knowing that your home is a healthy place to be, without it being a financial concern.

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