Sick building syndrome is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Perhaps the one condition solely caused by our changing lifestyle, SBS is a direct product of humans spending far more time indoors than we used to. Working in office buildings for 8 hours or more has led to a host of respiratory problems, and the World Health Organization estimates that 30% of new buildings worldwide are subject to poor air quality.

Here is what you should know about sick building syndrome and how RJ Wiley can help you avoid it.

What is sick building syndrome?

The air that we breathe is full of molecules that get into our bodies. If the air is clean, then we see no health issues, but when it is full of pollutants known as bio-aerosols, it begins to fill our bodies with toxins and cause allergic reactions. Spending so much time indoors at work and at home has led to a massive increase in exposure to poor air.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms are sometimes hard to distinguish, but for the most part people complain of similar issues. The most common are:

  •  eye irritation
  • nose irritation
  • throat irritation
  • odor or taste sensations
  • other allergic reactions

The presence of fungi or bacteria in the home or at work can not only cause allergies, but also could cause health problems such as asthma or asthma-like symptoms.

How do you avoid sick building syndrome

The key to making sure you, your family at home, or employees at work do not begin to show symptoms is by ensuring proper air quality. This means updating your systems, keeping the inside clean, cutting down on carpet and ensuring proper ventilation. Another recommended step is to get proper duct cleaning. RJ Wiley has helped many homeowners clean out their ducts, cut down on pollens, and breathe cleaner air.

Spending so much time indoors at work and at home can quickly lead to health problems if the air quality is poor. Sick building syndrome affects millions around the world, but can be avoided with the right help. RJ Wiley offers high-quality duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties in Burlington, Oakville, Dundas, and Hamilton, Ontario. Contact us today to find out how we can help.