Today’s trend toward high-density housing and the close proximity of residential properties means that an air conditioner unit should be relatively quiet in order to avoid disruption.
How much noise is too much? In general, the acceptable noise level for an air conditioner is the existing background sound level (due to road traffic noise) plus five dBA (A-weighted decibels).

You can reduce noise from air conditioning devices by selecting a quiet unit and choosing the best location. In addition to choosing a quiet unit, you can further reduce the amount of noise produced by building a barrier or other structure around the air conditioner.

A barrier to reduce an air conditioner’s noise is most effective when:
• It is placed close to the air conditioner without restricting airflow to or from the unit.
• It is without any gaps or cracks that would allow sound to escape.
• It is located where house walls will not reflect sound back over the top of the barrier. If sound is reflected back, surfaces facing the unit should be covered with sound absorbing material. One of the simplest and most effective shield structures is a suitably located garden shed.

With careful planning, you can reduce the noise impact from air conditioners before you install them. Contact RJ Wiley to install and soundproof your air conditioning unit today. 905-390-1808 / 1-866-678-2620