It's Air Conditioning Time!Summer is here and it’s getting hot out there! There’s no feeling quite like stepping out of sweltering heat and into the comfort of a home evenly cooled by central air conditioning. Not only does central air maintain a cool temperature throughout your home, you can forget about hassles with window unit installation, noise and uneven blasts of cold, damp air. RJ Wiley is here to provide you with professional, worry-free service throughout the installation of a central air conditioning system.

Our dedication to customer service is matched by our pledge to feature only top quality products, which is why we carry the Coleman line of air conditioners.

Before we install any air conditioning system, we provide free duct cleaning service to all our customers. We will never perform an installation before ensuring that all ducts and vents are clean and free of dust, dirt and debris. We use only the best in duct cleaning equipment to get the job done.

Financing for our products and services is available through Snap Financial.

As always, there are no hidden fees associated to our service and we provide free estimates.

It’s time to get out of the heat and cool down with a professionally installed Coleman central air conditioning unit by the RJ Wiley team.