Maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature indoors this coming winter can be achieved by central heating system powered by an air furnace. Furnaces can be fueled by either gas or electricity; although gas heating is generally thought to be the more economical and efficient method of the two.

How do furnaces keep our homes warm? What is a forced air distribution system?

In gas heating furnaces, gas is piped into the furnace either from a gas pipeline or from an outside tank. When the thermostat turns on, an electric starter ignites the mixture of gas and oxygen from the air. After a few seconds the furnace gets hot, and the blower draws air in from large vents located in the house where cold air is likely to collect – at floor level. The blower pulls the air into the furnace and through filters that remove dust. Air is then heated as it is forced from the furnace and distributed through metal ducts to registers in various rooms.

Besides warming the air, the blower system that distributes the warmed air also returns the cold air to the furnace so it can be rewarmed and distributed to the rooms again. As air spills out of heat registers in the floor, it readily mixes with room air rather than rising directly to the ceiling and heating the room quickly.

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