Unclean air ducts are more than just a nuisance—they can also cause a significant amount of air pollution in your home. The circulation of polluted air throughout your home can cause serious health issues, especially during the winter when you’ll be spending more time indoors and your furnace is likely to be blaring. Here are some of the most common health issues associated with dirty ductwork from the heating and cooling specialists at R.J. Wiley.

Sinus Problems

If you don’t regularly clean your air ducts, all the dust and dirt particles that settle there will be blown around your home whenever you turn on your furnace. When you breathe in the air in your home, you can breath in these particles. These particles can then make their way to your sinuses, where they can cause inflammation and even infections that can be painful and lead to complications if left untreated.


Another concern associated with unclean air ducts is allergies. Dust, mold and pollen can accumulate in air ducts when left uncleaned. These various pollutants can circulate throughout your home whenever you use your furnace, which can trigger a reaction in people who suffer from allergies. Because these pollutants are trapped and circulating inside of your home, recovery from an allergic reaction caused by unclean air ducts may take longer to subside than usual.

The Importance of Professional Duct Cleaning

In order to keep your home protected against indoor pollutants, it’s important to have your air ducts professionals cleaned every three (3) years or so. A professional technicians has the experience and equipment necessary to clean your ducts more thoroughly than you’d be able to on your own. Not only will a professional duct cleaning prevent indoor pollutants from causing health issues around the house, it will also make your furnace work more efficiently and reduce your energy consumption, thereby extending the lifespan of your home heating unit while lower your utility bill.

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