Despite the prevalent energy developments and awareness campaigns that are featured in the media, we still hear of cases of death from accidental exposure to carbon monoxide.

When natural gas burns, carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are always produced. Both gases are odourless and colourless. The difference is that CO2 is harmless, while CO is poisonous. When you inhale CO into your lungs, it binds to your blood cells, displacing the oxygen your body needs to survive. If you inhale CO long enough, you will experience flu like symptoms. The initial symptoms are a severe headache, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and fatigue. These symptoms are often misdiagnosed to be the flu.

Carbon monoxide is also produced when fossil fuels do not burn completely. The process is also called dirty burning. An unmaintained and dirty furnace can create an environment for dirty burning and carbon monoxide to accumulate. When a furnace system begins to leak carbon monoxide, the gas will become trapped inside an energy efficient envelope of an airtight house. This is why you need to have your furnace checked for safety on a regular basis.

We recommend that you conduct yearly checkups on your furnace and heating system. We also recommend that you install carbon monoxide detectors in the boiler room and near carbon monoxide producing appliances, such as a furnace. If you suspect there is a CO leak in your home, immediately switch off your heating system, open all windows, leave your property and give us a call.

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