When you are buying or replacing a furnace do you often get that “deer in the headlights” expression when the contractor starts reciting the mechanical details of the new furnace? Does getting bombarded by concepts such as variable speed and other HVAC developments leave you confused? Don’t worry; this is how most of the population probably feels when it comes to the upgrading and renewal of any component of their HVAC system!

Although we know that variable speed is not a topic of everyday conversation, we will try and explain the basic knowledge behind it. Hopefully by the time you are done reading this post, you will feel more knowledgeable on the topic and when the time comes for your furnace upgrade and you will know how to make the decision that best complements your needs

 What is variable speed technology?

Imagine driving a vehicle with only a toggle switch to determine your speed. Your only options in such a vehicle would be to run the car at full speed or turn if off completely. This is exactly how old furnaces work. Most of the previous traditional compressors in old furnaces can only operate at one speed and can only cycle on and off. This is bad for the environment, wastes a lot of energy and will often overheat the house. Variable speed compressors on the other hand will act similarly to your car’s accelerator pedal, which enables you to control and match the speed of the car to your liking.

In furnaces, variable speed means being able to precisely match the system capacity to the actual load. They can slow down or speed up based on the load and the existing temperature. For a homeowner this translates into increased comfort and holds the promise of sizable energy savings. As a result, systems operate more efficiently at light load, while still being capable of speeding up to deliver full capacity when needed.

Upgrading to a furnace with a variable speed compressor is a good investment. This upgrade the system should pay for itself within one year due to all the energy savings you would have made. Our expert team here at RJ Wiley will help you make an informed decision on the best solution to ensure optimal energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

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