It’s getting close to the end of another long, hot summer. Your air conditioning unit and HVAC system have been put through the ringer and as open windows begin to be enough to cool your home, HVAC maintenance and repair might be the furthest thing from your mind. But this is the ideal time to make sure everything is running smoothly for your comfort and health as the seasons change. The end of August can be especially demanding on HVAC systems, as they are frequently cycling when the weather becomes less predictable. A good system installed and maintained by the trained professionals at R.J. Wiley can withstand almost anything, but even the toughest systems need maintenance and repair.

Here are some tips for end of season care for your home:

Clean Your Ducts
Regularly scheduled duct cleaning, done by a professional, is needed to maintain healthy indoor air and illuminate pollutants and allergens. The end of summer is the perfect time to have your ducts assessed, as they have been pulling pollen laden air all summer, and you will soon be relying more and more on indoor air throughout the colder months. Don’t wait until cold season kicks in; cleaning your ducts while you can still relax on the patio is the perfect solution.

Check Your Window Sills and Ceilings for Cracks
If there are any cracks or holes along the lines of your home, now is the perfect time to address the issue. Heating costs can soar as the nights get cooler, even if you are still using air conditioning in the hot afternoons. Small cracks along window sills and near the ceiling can vastly reduce your heating system’s efficiency. Again, don’t ignore them until you’re shivering. Most small cracks can be fixed on your own with caulking or drywall compound. Some of these materials have harsh chemicals that are not the best to breathe in—another reason why you should get on top of maintenance while having all the windows open is still possible. For more serious structural concerns, always consult a professional.

Furnace Maintenance
If you haven’t turned on your furnace since last spring, you might be in for a few surprises when you need it most. Air conditioning units are more readily associated with air quality control than your heating system, but your furnace has filters as well. Make sure to inspect and clean these well before you anticipate needing to heat your home. The last thing you want is to start circulating stale or dusty air in the wintertime. It can also be a good idea to turn on your furnace a little ahead of schedule: is it making any noises you don’t recall having heard before? Some units need a little warming up themselves, but if you have any questions or concerns, it is best to have it professionally inspected by a technician.

For high-quality and reliable furnace maintenance and duct cleaning, trust the experienced team of technicians at R.J. Wiley. For more information about any of our home maintenance and repair services, contact us today.