Do you suffer from allergies or asthma? You might not go outdoors during certain times of the year to avoid potential irritants and allergens. However, if your heating and cooling ducts are accumulating dust and releasing allergens into the house, your indoor air may be no better than the outdoor air. Cleaning the whole house does help… until the HVAC system turns on.

Duct cleaning is the answer. Professional duct cleaning services remove the dust and allergens from your heating and cooling system. Many allergy sufferers will feel some benefit right away as the heating and cooling system begins to circulate clean air through the house.

Individuals’ reactions to different allergy triggers vary. Some of the people who benefit from a good duct cleaning may not even have traditional, obvious allergy symptoms like sneezing and headaches. Symptoms of other auto-immune conditions like arthritis may improve when patients are exposed to fewer allergens. Some people who take medication notice fewer unpleasant side effects when they’re breathing cleaner air. Some people think more clearly, do better work, and enjoy more pleasant moods when they’re not exposed to mold spores and chemical residues in their homes.

Duct cleaning is not a substitute for medical care… but people don’t know how much good duct cleaning can do until they’ve tried it. Some allergy sufferers may find that they’re free to go outside again. Some families may even find that they don’t have to give up a beloved pet.

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