A properly running dryer should take no more than 35-40 minutes to complete the job. If your clothes require several cycles before they become partially dry, chances are that your dryer vent and ducts are blocked. Dryers working too hard tend get very hot on the top and cause the clothes to be sizzling hot to the touch when they are done.

When lint is not removed from your dryer it accumulates and solidifies. Moistened lint collects on the walls of the vent pipe, reducing efficiency up to fifty percent. The clogged vents extend drying times and cost additional money to operate. Longer drying times also reduce an appliance’s life expectancy. More dangerous is when the lint builds up in dryer vents, causing the dryer motor to labor harder and overheat. An overheated motor may create some sparks that can ignite the lint (a serious fire hazard) and lead to a household fire.

The following are possible areas that can produce a blockage and cause dryer fires and need to be checked:

– Dryer vent hoses
– Clogged lint-screen compartments
– Disconnected or ripped dryer vent hoses
– Smashed hoses behind the clothes dryer
– Bird nests in dryer vents
– Poor dryer-vent design
– Use of plastic vent hoses instead of aluminum ones

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