Nobody wants to go through the expense and trouble of replacing a furnace, but if you ignore these signs, you risk having to deal with an unplanned expense or a cold winter.

Keeping an eye on the health of your furnace can save you money in the long run. Follow these tips to ensure that you make an informed decision about whether to repair or buy and do not spend money on excessive heating bills caused by an inefficient or old furnace.

1) It is sounding haunted, and you’ve never had trouble with ghosts before. It used to make some comforting noises, but now it’s squealing, banging, and rattling like a soul tormented.

2) You’ve been feeling nauseous and lightheaded. You’ve also been getting headaches. This may be a sign that your furnace is releasing carbon monoxide into the air. (It also could just be the flu.)

3) You feel like your heating bill is unreasonably high, and you can’t figure out why. An inefficient furnace could be the culprit you’ve been looking for. (It could also be the air ducts, so call us and get an expert opinion.)

4) Your furnace is old (like over 15 years old). 18 years is about the limit for furnace life expectancy, so start preparing to budget for a new one when it becomes a teenager.

5) You keep having to call the repairman. Too many repairs can add up to more than the total cost of a furnace (with the added inconvenience of frequent problems). If you know that your furnace is getting older and having difficulties, it is sometimes cheaper in the long run to just replace rather than repair.

6) Deciding when to replace your furnace requires close examination of all the factors involved. For expert advice, call us today.