Buying your first home is a very exciting time, but most people quickly realise that it comes with a lot of extra responsibilities that they weren’t aware of. This is usually because they’ve rented their whole lives, and never had to actually care for a home. One of the newest responsibilities that they’ve got to get used to is maintaining their HVAC system. Here are 3 things that first-time homeowners should about their HVAC system, so that they don’t end up spending more money than they have to.

Changing filters is necessary, but the time periods differ

Many first-time homeowners are not even aware that they’ve got to change the filters on their HVAC system. Those that are usually only are aware that they need to be changed every few months or so. We want you to know that there are many different factors that go into this decision, and that you should always consult with a professional and your manufacturer. The factors you should consider are:

  • Allergies
  • Pollen
  • And pets

If you are dealing with any of these things, then you should change them more frequently to get the best performance level of comfort. The standard is around every 3 months, but with these factors consider monthly.

Closed vents don’t always save money

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from clients that they thought closing the vents saved them money on their bills. It doesn’t. You see, most units are calibrated to work assuming that vents are open. When you close them, it makes the system work harder to maintain the temperature level. This creates higher short-term energy costs and more long-term issues with HVAC system performance.

Low coolant deserves high attention

Most homeowners are aware that there is coolant in their AC to actually create the cool air, but most don’t know how it actually works. The levels of refrigerant in your unit should remain fairly steady over time. If you notice that you’re starting to get a lot of warm air, then you probably need a recharge. Most homeowners want to go it alone, but we can’t stress to you how important a professional is in this instance. Low coolant is usually a sign of a leak or other problem that needs direct attention. Aside from that, there are dangers in handling coolant lines that a trained pro can deal with.

We know that there is a lot on your mind when owning a home. It’s a lot of work just to keep track of everything that’s going on inside. You know the saying: “it’s always something”. These are 3 things that all first-time homebuyers should know about their HVAC system. Remember, getting a professional’s help is the only way to ensure that everything stays working properly.